State senator proposes $8 fee per ton of carbon emissions

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A Washington state senator is proposing to tackle climate change by charging $8 per metric ton of carbon emissions.

Sen. Steve Hobbs, a Democrat from Lake Stevens, on Wednesday proposed a bill that would charge a new fee on carbon emissions. He says the measure would raise an estimated $867 million over two years. The money would go toward programs that address stormwater pollution, fish passage barriers, renewable energy and transportation issues.

His is one of several proposals being floated that would charge a fee on greenhouses gas emissions.

Carbon Washington has proposed a $25 tax on every metric ton of carbon dioxide; the group has turned in more than 350,000 signatures in an effort to qualify Initiative 732.

Meanwhile the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is planning a statewide ballot initiative. It likely would impose new fees on carbon pollution and direct the money for clean-energy projects, low-income communities and other projects.