Forklift stolen from Auburn construction site used in failed ATM heist

Early on the morning of February 5, Auburn police responded to a report of a commercial burglary at a construction site located at 121 49th St. N.W. It was reported that a forklift had been stolen overnight.

forklift with lights on in parking lot

A forklift that was stolen from an Auburn construction site was located at a nearby Lowe's.  (Auburn Police Department)

While investigating the theft, officers received information about a damaged ATM at an Auburn bank. According to police, the suspects used the stolen forklift in an attempt to break into the ATM and steal cash. Despite their efforts, no money was taken from the machine.

Traffic camera footage obtained by FOX 13 Seattle shows the forklift being driven through the streets of Auburn in the middle of the night, with a silver sedan following closely behind.

Auburn police told FOX 13 Seattle that the forklift was recovered at a Lowe's, and its owner was notified. 

"That’s the first time I’ve had one stolen and used in a crime, said Kyle Fry, president and owner of Northway Construction. "We do have them stolen from time to time. They typically just strip them up, all the parts and pieces, break windows and doors and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage."

The big rig returned to Fry is back in action, but that does not mean the problem has gone away. While theft has always been a problem at construction sites, Fry believes the rate at which its happening has skyrocketed over the past five years. 

"They’re pretty brazen. They’re not worried about getting caught," remarked Fry. "You can get hit three, four times on each job and if you have twenty jobs going on at a time, then it adds up."

Despite the frequency and the frustration, Fry is hesitant to file an insurance claim. Telling me if he filed just half of what was stolen, his provider would surely drop him.

"We don’t turn in anything to our insurance unless it’s a massive theft," he shared. So we just eat it. We suck it up and just deal with it as part of the cost of doing or the cost of doing business."

Auburn police are currently seeking the suspects involved in the forklift theft and the driver of the sedan. 

Anyone with information regarding burglary of the forklift or the attempted ATM theft, is encouraged to contact the Auburn Police Department on the non-emergency line at 253-288-2121. 


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