'Stop your turn, stop your climb:' Another near-miss between jets

HOUSTON (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a near-miss between two jets near Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport this month.

The two planes were within about a mile of each other May 9, the FAA said.

"The closest proximity between the two planes was 0.87 miles laterally and 400 feet vertically, about two miles southeast of the airport," the FAA said.

The incident involved United Airlines Flights 601 and 437. Both had recently taken off.

"The controller issued instructions to both pilots to safely separate the aircraft," according to an FAA statement.

Audio from the control tower confirms that controllers asked Flight 437 to turn right immediately, while they told Flight 601 to "stop your turn, stop your climb, stop your turn."

CNN reached out to United for comment early Friday.

A near-miss does not cause any injuries but is enough of a close call that the details surrounding such incidents are investigated.

As a result of a near-miss at Newark Liberty International Airport last month, the rules for takeoffs and landings at that airport were changed.

In that incident, United Express and United Airlines flights came within yards of colliding.

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