Stopping road rage: Eastside author looks to educate people, one driver at a time

SEATTLE -- Do you ever get really mad behind the wheel? If you said "no", you’re either in the minority or not being fully honest.

Dirk Nevelle, a Kirkland-based loan officer wrote a book titled, Road Rage Justified.

A recent AAA study found a majority of drivers, 51% percent admitted to tailgating. Of those asked, 12% admitted to cutting off another driver on purpose. Another 4% admitted to getting out of their car to confront another driver.

We should mention, Nevelle says he is not condoning road rage, but rather pointing out to the everyday mistakes drivers make that can lead to it.

He is pointing out the disrespect and blatant disregard displayed by drivers daily, making others rage on the road.

AAA also found road rage cases involving guns more than doubled since 2014.

Nevelle's book, written under the pen name Neve Roark, presents 50 rules every driver should follow.

“I think if enough people just did these 50 things, I do think there would be a shift and I think the roads would be safe,” Navelle says. “I know it’s crazy, but one driver at a time.”

He believes students taking driver's education could get the most out of the book.  That's because many of the rules aren't necessarily laws, but driving etiquette, to maintain the rage around you.