Storm causes damage in Woodinville; trees crash into homes, power lines

WOODINVILLE -- At the storm's peak, more than a 100,000 Puget Sound Energy customers lost power Thursday night and early Friday.

Most of the outages were restored by Friday afternoon, but certain spots were still without power and Woodinville was one of them.

About four entire blocks of Avondale Road in Woodinville were shut down after trees fell on power lines.

A lot of families lost power but Ginger Rowe has a bigger problem.

“We heard the huge boom,” Rowe said, adding that it was the sound of a giant tree smashing down on top of her cars and her home.

“We were hunkered down in the bedroom; we made the smallest footprint that we could,” Rowe said.

They survived without a scratch but the tree pierced right through the roof in more than one spot.

It’s the fourth tree to come down in their yard because of recent storms.

“Now, it just seems more frequent and the rain just seems heavier and steadier now,” Rowe said.

A&M Tree Service says the latest damage is going to cost Rowe thousands.

And with the ground so wet, experts say, this is the time to give your trees a lookover.

“Soil saturation -- we will see big root balls come up,” A&M Tree Service worker Mike Morey said.

Experts say a tree may be in danger of falling if it has mushrooms, holes and dying branches.

Rowe says she may soon have to cut down her weakest trees to protect her home from future storms.

For now she's taking it one branch at a time, focusing on the silver lining.

“People come by and it’s kind of nice actually to meet the neighbors,” Rowe said