Stormy Thursday

The next November storm is here as the rain picks up overnight and winds start getting stronger during the morning hours.

The heaviest rains will be during the morning commute, which means there should be some standing water on the roads during that time and 7 a.m. will be peak for the rainfall.

Seattle gets the rain shadow tomorrow, but everyone else gets lots of rain through midday. The winds start out around 25 mph in the early morning hours with peak winds around noon. The gusts will be around 35 mph in the metro with gusts up to 45 mph everywhere else and it’ll be quite gusty through the evening commute. The winds die down after 5 p.m. and should be done by 10 .pm. This storm will be strong, but not as severe as last weekend’s. The snow level remains above the passes. Friday and Saturday look fairly dry around the metro and Sunday will be damp and breezy. Walter. 11/6/13