Student changes schools to get away from bullies -- but they find him at bus stop

SEATTLE -- Seattle police say the attack happened Wednesday afternoon at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Webster.

The 13-year-old victim stepped off a Metro bus and immediately saw three boys who allegedly bullied him during the last school year.

The bullying was said to have been so bad that he changed schools to get away.

"He tried to get back on the bus, was unable. As the bus left, the three boys surrounded him and assaulted him pretty viciously. He suffered, thankfully, minor injuries but we are considering this felony assault at this time,” Seattle police detective Drew Fowler said Thursday.

The boy couldn't get back on the bus because, police say, the driver wouldn't let him.

"That appears to be the case,” Fowler said.

Metro Transit said it is early in its investigation and they are yet sure who the driver is, but a spokesman released a statement saying: "This was a terrible incident and Metro will be working with Seattle Police so we can clearly understand the circumstances."

Seattle police arrested two of the teenage suspects shortly after the incident, and said they know who the third one is and are looking for him.

Bullying is certainly not a new problem, but it appears to be getting worse and, at times, more violent.

The fact that it has also now moved online makes matters even worse.

Parents want the outstanding suspect brought to justice.

"I think it's horrible. I don't think people should have to put up with other people's ignorant attitude to bully other people,” parent Heather Barrera said.

Police feel the same way and they want to catch the third suspect as soon as possible because stopping bullying is a top priority.

"To make sure that every student in the Seattle School District has a safe and bullying free, as much as possible, environment to do their learning,” Fowler said.

Anyone with information about this crime should call 911.