Student, suspect dead in Oregon high school shooting

Several agencies responded to a report of an active shooter at Reynolds High School. From KPTV.

PORTLAND -- A student and a suspected shooter were killed Tuesday morning at a Troutdale, Ore. high school, after the suspect allegedly opened fire in the school.

According to the Troutdale Police Department, one student was killed by the shooter around 8:07 a.m. Tuesday morning at Reynolds High School, Troutdale's lone high school about 10 minutes outside of Portland.

A short time later, the shooter was "contained" by police and died at the scene. It is unknown if he shot himself or was killed by police.

Police could not confirm any other injuries in the shooting.

KPTV reported the shooter was confirmed dead around 9:15 a.m. at at the school. The LA Times reported students said a teacher had been "skimmed" in the hip, but was not seriously wounded. However, police did not confirm this.

Parents were told to meet students at the Wood Village Fred Meyer located at Northeast 223rd Avenue and Glisan Street to pick up their child. Everyone else was asked to away from the area.

Reynolds High School is located at 1698 SW Cherry Park Road in Troutdale, which is a suburb of Portland. The school holds around 2,700 students. It is the only high school in Troutdale.

Some initial reports claimed there were multiple shooters and deceased victims, but those reports were unconfirmed by the Mutnomah County Sheriff's Office.

Linda Florence, the Superintendent of the Troutdale School District, said she hoped this was a day that would never come to the friendly suburb community of Portland.

"This is a very tragic day for the Troutdale School District," Florence said. "We feel very sorry for our parents."

Police are investigating potential motives in the shooting. They said they would update the story throughout the day, using the hashtag #RHShooting.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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