Students show pride, solidarity day after school shooting

LACEY -- Many students wore their school's colors and hung banners in the halls, one day after a 16-year-old fired two shots into the ground and air at a Lacey high school.

North Thurston Schools tweeted out photos of students sporting "Ram Pride" early Tuesday, returning to school just a day after a school shooting that left no one injured, and one student arrested.

The shooter, who was not unidentified, was stopped by a North Thurston High School teacher Monday morning at the school shortly after firing two rounds. Police confirmed the shooter was tackled by social studies teacher Brady Olson, who is being hailed as a hero. Lacey Police Commander Jim Mack said a school safety officer had his weapon drawn and was preparing to shoot the student when he was tackled.

“He’s very fortunate, because the officer was prepared to use his firearm at the school,” Mack said.

Olson, who was in school Tuesday, was praised by the Superintendent. And photographed wearing all purple, the school's colors.

The shooter is expected to make a preliminary court appearance Tuesday. The boy, a recent transfer to the school, reportedly told detectives he didn't intend to hurt any other students.

A warrant was also served at the student’s home. Police said the gun the shooter brought to school was legally owned by his parents, and was taken without the parent’s permission. Another gun, also legally owned, was found at the home.

Parents of the shooter are cooperating with police, Mack said.