Stuffed tiger on top of SUV spurs 911 calls, then jokes

CAMAS, Wash. -- The sight of a stuffed tiger strapped to the top of an SUV cruising around a southwest Washington lake was enough to generate a 911 calls from someone who apparently thought it was real.

The Columbian newspaper of Vancouver reports that the driver, Connor Zuvich, was hanging out by Lacamas Lake with some friends when he noticed a stuffed tiger in some trash. Zuvich picked up the tiger, and put it to the top of his SUV, he told the Columbian.

"The thing looked really realistic," Zuvich said. "We were just cruising around Lacamas Lake with it."

But not everyone found it funny. Around 4:15 p.m.,  police received a call of an "animal problem" from a resident who said it appeared there was a live tiger atop a car.

Officers quickly spotted the 19-year-old and pulled him over, telling him he wasn't allowed to have something tied to the top of his SUV. The officers then traded some laughs with Zuvich, and sent him on his way.

As for as getting the tiger down? Zuvich hasn't gotten to it yet, he said.

"It's actually still on top of my car," Zuvich told the Columbian, mentioning that people have been honking and giving him thumbs up.