STUNNING DASHCAM VIDEO: SPD officers save man from leaping onto I-5 (Graphic)

SEATTLE -- Quick acting police officers saved an apparently suicidal man from leaping from a downtown bridge onto Interstate 5 earlier this month, and the incident was captured on a police dashcam.

Dashcam video released by the Seattle Police Department Thursday shows an allegedly distraught man standing on the Pike Street overpass of I-5. A group of three officers approach the man, who appears to talk briefly with police before lunging for the rail and attempting to jump.

Quick acting officers grabbed the man by the waist and pulled him back to safety, the video shows.

Officers are not trained to do this, SPD's YouTube post said, because of the inherit risk of becoming injured themselves.

Police said the man, who is unidentified, was referred to a local hospital for assessment.

Individuals have previously jumped off the bridge on Pike Street.

Watch the video below. WARNING: It may be considered graphic.