SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Elevator rises 30 floors in seconds, crashes into roof with man trapped inside

Youtube screen capture

PROVIDENCIA, Chile --  An elevator malfunctioned Friday in a brand new building in Chile shooting a man inside skyward some 30 floors in just 15 seconds before slamming into the building’s roof.

Surveillance video posted to YouTube Sunday reportedly shows Jose Vergara Acevedo getting into the elevator on the building’s first floor before the doors close and the lift begins to gain speed.

In the video you can see the elevator climbing even before the doors have closed.  Instantly Acevedo seems to realize something is wrong and he frantically punches buttons on the panel inside the elevator.

In 15 seconds the out-of-control elevator hits the top floor and crashes into the roof of the building.  According to INFOnews Acevedo suffered head and leg injuries, but did survive the crash.