Survivor of Aurora Bridge crash: 'I remember waking up on the freeway'

SEATTLE -- A family of survivors from the "Ride the Ducks" tour bus crash on Friday described the accident and the tragedy.

"Ride the Ducks: the party on wheels that floats!" The enticing slogan pumped up the Moodys Thursday, who were all smiles for an adventurous day.

"I just remember it felt like we lost control and looked up and I saw the bus coming toward us," Katie Moody recalls from her Harborview hospital bed.

The duck amphibious vehicle crossed the center line on the Aurora Bridge and slammed into a charter buss containing students from North Seattle College. Four of the students on the bus were killed. Dozens of people on the bus and the duck boat were injured.

Katie woke up on concrete. The last thing she remembers is sitting on the second row of the  bus with her parents.

Katie’s dad, Greg Moody, remembers the driver’s last words before impact.

"I heard him say 'oh no!' I said, we're in trouble. I saw us go right into the bus and I grabbed my wife and pushed her down and I got thrown," Greg added.

Like many others, the entire family was thrown from the tour bus, terrified and bewildered.

"I must've blacked out or had my eyes closed. I remember waking up on the freeway and I saw people running from their cars to help us," Katie added. "I just immediately got up, which I shouldn't have done, and looked for mom and dad and had to lay back down."

Katie credits strangers for helping her family find each other on that bridge amid the chaos.

"Just renewed faith in humanity. There's just so many bad people out there. Seeing so many good people out there is just amazing," Katie said through tears.

"Compassion, just making sure everyone is OK. And it was important for them to know my parents are OK."

Katie doesn't blame the driver or the Ride The Duck tours for the accident. She says she's just happy to be alive and praying for the families of those who weren't as lucky as her.