Tacoma had most reported rapes in state in 2015, FBI data shows

TACOMA, Wash. -- FBI data suggests that Tacoma had more rapes reported in 2015 than any other city in Washington.

The News Tribune reports that according to data released Monday, Tacoma had 147 rapes reported last year, more than 144 in Seattle and an increase of 13 over the FBI's 2014 Uniform Crime Reporting program data.

Tacoma was second in violent crimes per person, one of three Pierce County cities in the top four in the state. Tacoma's 1,694 violent crimes for 206,884 people put the city second with 8.19 violent crimes per 1,000 people, second behind Seattle for the state.

However, according to the data, Tacoma's burglaries declined in 2015, with 2,552 reported last year, compared to 3,127 in 2014.