Tacoma midwife had a Marathon day on Thanksgiving, literally

SEATTLE -- Thanksgiving Day turned out to be a very eventful holiday for one midwife. Not only did she run a triathlon Thursday morning and hurt her hand, but she also helped a mother deliver her newborn baby.

And her day didn't end there.

Jamie Tompkins tells us about a marathon-kind of day that all came down to being in the right place, at the right time.

New parents, Willie and Jessica Morales, certainly have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving

Namely their new bundle of joy, baby boy Haven.

But to fully appreciate the beautiful result of the Thanksgiving Day blessing we must first go back to the beginning.

“I was sitting in the ER had my X-rays waiting for the results and this lady comes in in labor ready to have a baby,” said Rhonda DiCostanzo.

DiCostanzo is the midwife who, by chance, was a patient in the ER when Jessica walked in -- Already in labor.

“It wasn`t my patient it wasn`t anybody in my practices patient,” DiCostanzo said. “It was just a lady who came in off the streets, and she was ready to push, and we got the baby out."

Rhonda broke two of her fingers while running a triathlon Thanksgiving morning.
She came to the ER to be treated, and boy did she get a treat.

"I’ve delivered a lot of babies in the emergency room but not as a patient,” DiCostanzo said. “And I delivered this baby with my hand all wonky.”

“Just to have her there and she was just so calm, and it calmed me down, so it was a huge blessing,” Jessica Q13 News.

The delivery itself took all of five minutes.

“It was one of those situations where the baby just comes,” DiCostanzo said.

Afterward, Rhonda got her own hand fixed up, went home and prepared Thanksgiving dinner for a party of 16!

“Got my exercise, delivered a baby, made dinner. It`s a great Thanksgiving! I know how crazy is that!” DiCostanzo exclaimed.

Crazy good timing if you ask baby Haven.