Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept. reports 91 cases of COVID at 23 childcare facilities

In the last month, COVID outbreaks at businesses and childcare facilities have more than doubled in Pierce County, according to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD).

TPCHD defines an outbreak as:

  • 2 cases within 14 days of each other
  • Plausible link to the business between the cases 

According to TPCHD, cases related to outbreaks nearly doubled as well. 

This week, the health department reported 91 cases of COVID at 23 childcare facilities in the county. 

Cadence Academy Preschool Dupont reported 15 cases active in the outbreak, according to the health department. 

The TPCHD says it removes outbreaks from its list after 28 days if the organization does not have any new cases associated with the current outbreak.