Tacoma Police Chief talks plans to deter violent offenders with services instead of jail

Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore talked about his plans to divert possible violent criminals from going to jail, and instead offer them services, however some people in the city don’t think the strategy will work.

On Thursday, the Tacoma Police Department released its first "Talks with the Chief." The department says it is a new series where Chief Avery Moore will respond to community questions.

In the first clip, Moore discussed "focused deterrence."

He described this strategy of combating crime as going after possible violent offenders, and offering them other options.

"We will say, 'Sir, mam, we need you to partner with us, to help us help you keep you out of jail. So these here are some services that we can offer.’ So, I would have somewhere there, for example, from social services maybe someone there from the court system," said Moore.

He said the department and its partners would make a verbal agreement with these people to not commit violent crimes. Moore says as long as the agreement is kept, there is no prosecution.

Moore says the goal is to reduce crime through compliance.


Tacoma police chief presents evidence-based strategic plan to reduce crime

There will be higher visibility of officers throughout Tacoma to help crackdown on crime and violence. 

However, some people question if this method will work.

"I wish him all the luck in the world, but he’s spending my money to try and do something that I know is not going to work," said Ron.

FOX 13 News spoke with Ron on the 8800 block of Hosmer Street. He didn’t want to use his last name, and we did not show his face on camera.

Ron says he’s lived on South Hosmer since January and still is in shock to what he witnesses regularly.

"I’ve seen security guards get beat up over there. And for the first time in my life, and I’m 76 years old, I had to go down to Bass Pro Shop and buy a pistol," said Ron.

Ron said he believes a focused deterrence program may help a few, but he says the majority of people committing crime, where he lives, are not thinking logically, he said.

"These drugs that these people smoke, I mean they mess them up in the head. They do things they wouldn’t have done before they got hooked," said Ron.

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Tacoma police tell FOX 13 News Moore's strategy is still in the planning phase and there are no more specifics on how it would work as of right now.

Moore is expected to present his entire crime plan to city leaders in June.