Tacoma woman recovering after tree crashes through bedroom roof during windstorm

At least two families are displaced from their homes after a tree crashed through a duplex in Tacoma.

Neighbors said a tree snapped just after midnight during a devastating windstorm, Wednesday, in the 6000 block of Mason Avenue South.

A woman is out of a hospital after the tree crashed through her bedroom roof, pinning her to her bed. Her husband, Zack, said it’s a miracle she survived the terrifying situation with only minor cuts and bruises. Both were very shaken up about the incident that could have seriously hurt her or worse.

Robert Anderson lives next door to the couple and said he was working from home moments before the tree toppled his neighbors’ house.

"Kind of seen it out my window, heard the crack and I (had) seen it coming. So, I jumped over my couch actually and I just heard it crashing and heard somebody scream," said Anderson.


Anderson said he was trapped inside his house and couldn’t get out to help his neighbor. So, he yelled through his window to make sure she was okay, and he said she replied yes. The woman’s husband told Q13 News he raced home from work after learning she was pinned by the tree and debris from the roof.

"They had to pull my wife out," said Zack.

Firefighters from Tacoma Fire Department rescued the woman and took her to a hospital. They also made sure other neighbors were safe.

"We were out here last night when the fire trucks were trying to get her out of the unit and all of this debris was just flying. It was so windy, it was just flying. They were like, ‘This is not safe for you guys.’ They made us go back in the unit," said Courtney Acoff, who lives next to the damaged duplex.

Crews helped moved debris from Anderson’s front door so he could get out. Buried among the rubble was his neighbor’s headboard. Once he had a clear path, Anderson soon noticed part of the tree on top of his car.

"Oh yeah, it’s gone. It’s totaled—four windows busted out, whole side, massive damage in the front, a branch through the windshield," said Anderson.

Though his car was a loss, the damage wasn’t nearly as devastating as his neighbor’s home—ripped apart with a clear view all the way to their bedroom closet. As disastrous as the storm was, Anderson said he’s thankful it did not end in tragedy.

"All that is deadly—that stuff, how it fell through that lady’s window, took out their whole room. That was deadly. So, everybody’s okay. So the damage, I mean, I was just happy everybody is okay," said Anderson.

Property maintenance said the building was evacuated because the condition is so unstable.