Talks begin to bring Topgolf Entertainment Complex to Renton

RENTON, Wash. -- Sports fans get ready. Renton may soon be home to a new state-of-the-art Topgolf sports and entertainment complex.

Enthusiasm about Topgolf is running high.

“It’d be awesome! Friends and everybody who thinks they know how to golf and everyone who says they know how to golf, let’s go out and have a few drinks and have some food,” said Christian Wilborn, who lives in Renton.

Topgolf officials have already created design plans for a nearly 14-acre property, located just South of The Landing shopping center. But Renton Mayor Denis Law says more steps have to be taken before the deal is sealed.

“I know that they’ve come in with some ideas. It’s kind of a pre-proposal. They’ve had a community meeting to discuss their plans. Our staff is working with their staff to figure out how we can put this all together," Mayor Law said.

Last year, Topgolf held an event at Safeco Field to give fans a taste of what they offer. The Topgolf in Renton would include bars, restaurants and indoor games, and it’ll also offer low and high-rise apartment units.

“Going back to the Southport development, we’ve got thousands and thousands of employees are there every day and are looking for things to do when they get off work and restaurants to go to," said Mayor Law.

Wilborn plays at Renton’s Maplewood Golf Course and says he loves the idea of Topgolf coming to Renton, but he isn’t too thrilled about having more housing units.

“Too many are already moving here. I’m a Washington native. So I don’t like it,” Wilborn said.

Mayor Law says it’s too early to say just how much of an impact Topgolf will have on Renton residents. But from the response he’s getting so far, a lot of people are looking forward to having fun and hitting a few rounds at Topgolf.

Mayor Law also says about half of Topgolf's guests are not golfers so it's entertainment for everyone.