Target to revamp grocery aisle; some favorites could go away

NEW YORK -- Target plans to change up its grocery aisle, adding more Greek yogurt, bagged coffee and craft beers in an effort to appeal to a younger, hipper crowd.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Target Corp. has zeroed in on seven grocery category fixes in an effort to appeal to Millennials and Hispanics. Along with adding more organic, natural and gluten-free foods, Target hopes to move away from processed foods with overt packaging, separating itself from the likes of big box stores like Walmart.

Grocery sales account for about a fifth of Target's annual sales, the Wall Street Journal reports. The store expanded its grocery options in 2008, but has seen little standout in sales since then.

More emphasis will be put on yogurt, granola, coffee, tea, candy, snacks, fresh meat, produce and beer and wine, the Wall Street Journal reports. The change will mean less shelf space for some of the large packaged foods like Campbell Soup, General Mills and Kraft Foods. Millenials have largely shunned these foods, the Wall Street Journal reports, in lieu of healthier, fresher options.

Target is coming off a rough month, laying off 550 individuals at the company headquarters in Minneapolis in conjunction with its shuttered Canadian operations.