Taylor Swift writes a big check to a family struggling with medical bills

OREM, Utah - Superstar Taylor Swift donated thousands of dollars to a family in Orem, Utah, whose mother has been in a coma for the last three years.

The Bartell family were concerned about losing their home and keeping up with everyday costs due to mounting medical expenses, then Taylor Swift saw her super fan’s plea for help.

“I just think of the times I was driving in the car and listening to it with my mom,” Sadie Bartell said.

Memories that now seem a world away.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ is a song that reminds Sadie of the simple times.

But Sadie can't sing with her mom anymore. For the last three years, Lourianne has been in a coma and can't communicate with her family.

“She can open her eyes and lift her head up and make noises, she kind of functions like a baby would function,” Sadie said.

Lourianne had an ulcer bleed out and that led to brain damage, robbing Sadie of her relationship with her mother.

“The hardest thing for me is having to go through the rest of high school 16-19 without being able to talk to her,” Sadie said.

During those difficult times Sadie turned to Taylor Swift. “She's been such a light for me."

With her dad taking care of her mom 24/7, Sadie helps with a bulk of the finances. Then last week her older brother moved out of the house, overwhelming Sadie.

“He's getting married, he’s moving out and he's going to have things to take care of and then I’m going to be the main provider,” Sadie said.

Sadie tweeted a plea online, linking to a GoFundMe page set up by Sadie’s aunt, and somehow it got to Taylor Swift.

“I called my niece and she cried for five minutes," Sadie’s aunt, Natalie Nordlund said. "I didn't hear anything else on the line but her tears."

A large donation from Taylor and her cats, Meredith and Olivia.

“I just lost it and I went downstairs and I told my dad and I literally fell on the ground," Sadie said. "I’m not even kidding my knees gave out and I collapsed and I bawled and my dad started crying."

And hours later, thousands of more dollars came in from Taylor Swifts fans.

The Bartell family says they're overwhelmed with gratitude and staying hopeful their mother will come out of her coma.