Teachers stage one-day walkout to send message to state lawmakers

ARLINGTON -- Teachers from Marysville, Stanwood, Camano Island and Arlington walked out of school and marched on the streets Wednesday to protest lawmakers' failure to fully fund public schools and reduce class sizes across the state.

Eric Grant was one of hundreds of teachers marching in Arlington.

"We just need to shine a spotlight on Olympia and say, Olympia, it’s time," Grant said.

The Washington Education Association says legislators are failing. The state Supreme Court ordered lawmakers to fully fund public schools.

Just last year, voters approved Initiative 1351 to reduce class sizes.

Tracey Carr, a 5th-grade teacher in the Lakewood School District, says she doesn't see any changes.

"When you have a class of 30 kids, you cannot get to everybody who needs help, no matter how hard you try," Carr said.

Teachers in other districts are expected to walk out of class on Friday. Others, like Sedro-Woolley will stage their one-day walkout next Wednesday.

Thousands of teachers will meet in Olympia for a large rally. Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to attend that event.