Teen driver plows into Bellingham bakery, community steps up help rebuild

A Bellingham bakery is back open after a teen driver smashed into the shop, destroying the patio, the inside dining area, and portions of the exterior wall.

While no one was injured in the crash, the owners of Slice of Heaven Bakery & Cafe told FOX 13 that the cost of repairs is estimated at $100,000.

"Had it happened during business hours, it would have been devastating," said co-owner Colby Abshire. "No doubt people would've been seriously hurt or killed. It took out half of our dining area. Our entire patio was wiped out."

Abshire owns the bakery along with his sister, Maci. He told FOX 13 he got the call about the accident from police on Feb. 19 in the overnight hours.


Driver crashes into Bellingham bakery, owners ask for help rebuilding

A Bellingham bakery is processing a tragedy after a driver smashed into their shop, destroying the patio and inside dining area, along with the exterior of the building.

"It involved an underage driver who was experiencing a medical emergency," said Abshire. "Luckily he is okay, that was our main concern."

According to police, the teen driver was taken to the area hospital. No other information was released due to his age.

Surveillance from the scene shows the teen driver exiting the vehicle after the crash. In the video, you can hear him state, "I'm sorry" before walking away.

Due to the extensive damage, the bakery had to close for three days.

"We had friends come out and help with cleanup," said Abshire. "It was a community effort."

Customers have also been supportive, buying extra baked goods to help make up for lost revenue.

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"I love chocolate," said customer Susie Cuypers. "Because of what happened, I'm buying a little extra, helping my friends out."

"It really is like a family here," said customer Trina Cook. "It's a great excuse for us to buy extra."

To help Slice of Heaven rebuild, a family member of the owners has started a GoFundMe to raise money for repairs and other expenses.

"We're just grateful for everyone who has come down and helped us out," said Abshire. "It really means a lot."