Teen suspected of killing Jenise Wright to appear in court tomorrow

PORT ORCHARD - A 17 year old will face a judge tomorrow, for the death and sexual assault of a six year old girl in Bremerton. The suspect was arrested at his home yesterday, after investigators found forensic evidence linking him to Jenise Wright.

The teen's name has not been released, but he lived in the same mobile home park where Wright did. Neighbors are still in disbelief.

“Especially the news that it was not only a neighbor of the child, but a 17 year old young man,” says Daniel Rush. “I know on the internet right now, there's a lot of vindictiveness.”

Although sheriffs did not release the name of the suspect, neighbors saw tow trucks taking vehicles away from his home last night.

“It was about 8 o'clock,” says Debra Estensen. “I walked up, they had it all taped off. They had three big tow trucks.”

Deputies have not said anything about the motive for the crime, but they do believe the suspect knew Wright.

“A park that small where all the residents are in close proximity, they had to know each other,” says Scott Wilson, the public information officer for the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. ”How strong is that connection, that’s still to be determined.”

Neighbors are now debating what should happen to the person responsible for taking the life of someone so young.

“I really have mixed feelings on what should be done,” says Matthew Wagner. “Personally I think he should be charged as an adult.”

“It’s not that place of individuals to be calling to have this man put to death,” argues Rush. “It’s not our authority, it's the authority of the state.”

What everyone does agree on is that the feeling of security that people used to have in this small community is now gone.

“It’s still really awful,” says Estensen. “It’s going to take time for the community to heal from what has happened.”

The teen is scheduled to appear in District Court tomorrow at 3 pm. He’s expected to face charges of second degree murder, as well as manslaughter and rape of a child.