'The floors were burned away:' Two people hurt as flames destroy Puyallup home

PUYALLUP -- Two people including a firefighter were treated for injuries after a fire destroyed a home overnight. Flames and smoke filled the house located on the 2200 block of South Meridian. A neighbor captured video of the fire as the smoke poured from the top floor.

“If you looked at it you could just see that it looked like the house was going to collapse any second and all you could see were flames starting to go over the house,” said Sydnee O’Laughlin, witness.

Several people inside made it out of the burning home.  Central Pierce Fire says a woman and firefighter injured are expected to be alright.

Firefighters had a difficult time putting out the flames. The home is located on a hill and it wasn’t safe for crews to go inside.

“The floors were burned away so crews had a tough time safely accessing and getting to the fire,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Power.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire marshal will inspect the home Friday morning.