The Internet can't decide if this cat is going up or down the stairs

It has been two months since "The Dress" split the Internet in half, but there is a new debate threatening to end friendships.

The question: Is this cat going up the stairs or down the stairs?

 posted the optical illusion with the caption "up or down?"

Some believe the cat is going down the stairs because you can see the ledges on the stairs. Other see the ledges as caps on either side of the stairs, which means the cat is going up the stairs. It all depends on the angle of the photo.

Here are some theories:

"Down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs." - msk08

"down. look at the staircase.. it is obvious that picture is taken from the lower point.." - sorath418

"I would say this cat is going up as it looks a bit up and forward. When cats go down, they look where they're stepping, i.e. down." - capowar

The good news? At least we're not arguing whether the cat is blue and black or white and gold.