The long road ahead: Woman allegedly beaten, burned by ex-husband is only starting to recover

LYNNWOOD - She survived being beaten and burned, allegedly at the hands of her ex-husband.

Now, a Lynnwood woman’s fiancé is talking about her recovery and the long road ahead.

“It’s just unreal, an unreal situation,” Chris Anderson said.

Anderson says it sounds like something in a movie. A woman goes to her ex-husband’s house, is beaten, and left in a burning home.

But according to prosecutors, that is what happened to Brenda Welch on November 16.

When firefighters pulled her from her ex-husband’s home, they weren’t sure she would survive.

“She had massive head trauma as well as second and third-degree burns,” he says. “It was pretty obvious to me, and I think to the police and fire department, that this was no accident.”

Prosecutors say David Morgan owed Welch money. But Anderson says he didn’t think their issues were that bad.

“I don’t think any of us in the family, or any of us who knew him, would have seen anything remote to this level happening.”

But Anderson is not thinking about Morgan or the legal case.

He’s focusing on Welch and her recovery. She just woke up from a coma last week.

“It’s not certain how really aware she is, she knows people are there, she knows you’re holding her hand. She understands squeeze my hand, she understands some basic things.”

Doctors don’t know how long it could take for her to recover. But they say she’s no longer in critical condition.

“They’re very optimistic, and myself and the whole family are optimistic about her path.”

Anderson has been reading Welch the messages she’s been getting from both friends and strangers from around the world. He’s hoping those will continue. He says they are making a difference.

“If you’re religious, pray for her. If you’re not, think about her. It’s absolutely helping.”

You can get updates on Welch’s progress on her Facebook page.

The family has also set up a donation account to help with medical costs here.