'The X-Files' will get a big launch in January

(Zap2it) -- Presumably just about every "X-Files" fan who's excited about the show's return to FOX is already planning on tuning in. Just in case, though, the network is giving the series the biggest platform it can for its premiere.

FOX says the six-episode "X-Files" revival will premiere following the NFL's NFC title game on Jan. 24, 2016. It will move to Monday nights starting Jan. 25 for its remaining five episodes.

The 2015 NFC title game averaged close to 50 million viewers for its afternoon broadcast. The previous year, a prime-time telecast delivered close to 56 million viewers.

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So why give such a big platform to something with a built-in audience, rather than showcasing a new show? Network head Dana Walden says it's because FOX wants to capture more than just hard-core "X-Files" fans.

"There's a lot going on in midseason, and it felt like the best way to capitalize on the opportunity," Walden tells reporters Monday (May 11), even if it means that a third of the six-episode order is used up over two nights.

The Monday run of "The X-Files" will also help give "Gotham" a break between its fall and spring blocks. Walden also hopes it will provide a strong lead-in for new DC Comics series "Lucifer," in which a bored Prince of Darkness (Tom Ellis) helps the LAPD catch criminals.

"The X-Files" goes back into production in June. Walden says creator Chris Carter hasn't shared much about the story -- "Have you met Chris Carter?" she quips -- but from what she understands, the six episodes will feature a mix of standalone and mythology-based stories.

One thing that was revealed at the FOX upfront: Scully is apparently blonde now.