There almost definitely wasn't a ghost at Blue Moon Burgers


SEATTLE – OK, let’s just start by saying we KNOW this isn’t a ghost. Probably.

But it sure is freaky.

The good people of Blue Moon Burgers in Seattle say a long series of “odd experiences” got a little too real after they found a till drawer broken on the floor one morning. They thought there’d been a break-in; after they pulled the surveillance video, a break-in might’ve been preferable.

Check out the last few seconds of the video above to see what we're talking about.

“What we found freaked us out,” Blue Moon wrote on Facebook. “The front counter at Capitol Hill has (2) cameras directed at it, one from the front and one from above. As you can see from the video the till drawer shoots out of the cabinet, if you are familiar with these drawers you know they come with locks on the rollers to keep the drawer from coming out.”

The video is pretty eerie at first, but Blue Moon points out that it gets weirder on second watching.

“Watch the video again and you will notice the light in the bottom of the frame starts to move right before the draw shoots out on the second video you see the signs above the counter start to move. In the other video you can see the reflection of something moving in the reflection of the lamp glass.”

Blue Moon claims it checked the alarm system and found there was no entry between the time the closing staff armed the alarm and 5:04 a.m., when the drawer shot out of the cabinet.