These people are completely devastated after Dunkin' Donuts closes

SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- A Dunkin' Donuts in a small Pennsylvania city closed its doors last week following a fire and some customers are taking the news hard -- especially those who use the coffee shop for their "legal work."

Police charged a 13-year-old girl with intentionally starting the fire inside the restaurant's women's bathroom, according to WNEP.

The restaurant is closed until further notice, which has obviously devastated some customers. Now, those customers are reluctantly considering other options in Shamokin -- a city of around 7,000 residents.

"Now I have to rely on myself to maybe go to a Turkey Hill or something where I don't like their doughnuts. I'd rather the doughnuts at Dunkin' Donuts. I'm kind of dealing with it, but I really miss Dunkin' Donuts," Alba Wehr said.

And seriously... where is a guy supposed to do legal work?

"I go there every day. I get a chicken bacon croissant. I get coffee or a Powerade if I'm dehydrated. I sit there all the time. If I have any legal work that I need to do I go there. I meet with my attorneys there," Dutch Smith said. "Cheap, classy place to meet up. It's a place you can meet up with your friends. It's the only thing this town has."

And what about the iced coffee?!

"I'm gonna miss that place if it don't open up. A lot of my friends go in there and get that cold coffee, iced coffee I guess it's called," Edna Faust said.

The good news? Local coffee shops have seen a business boom since the Dunkin' Donuts closed its doors -- so don't worry, Pennsylvania people are still getting their coffee fix.

Also good news? The Dunkin' Donuts is expected to reopen once repairs are completed -- and order will be restored to the universe (or at least Shamokin).