Thief caught on camera after Burien home burglarized multiple times

BURIEN - Police say it’s unusual for a victim to be burglarized more than once. But a woman in Burien says she’s glad a thief came back to her home. She got a picture of him on surveillance camera, so there’s a chance he’ll be caught now.

“I really don't know what to think.”

Connie Medley doesn’t know why it’s happening. But her home in Burien has been burglarized three times in the last two months. The first time, laptops and jewelry were taken.

“I thought they got what they wanted, they're done. They're not going to be back,” she says. “Shame on me, because they came back.”

After the second time, Medley bought a surveillance camera. She thought the thief had gotten in through the dog door that leads to her backyard, so she pointed the camera in that direction.

She got a shot of the thief last Monday, when her home was burglarized yet again.

“It startled me when I was going through my camera pictures and I saw his face.”

She also got a picture of the thief taking her Xbox out through her dog door. She says it’s not the items that she will miss, but her sense of security.

“I’m not sure I’ve let the emotions get to me yet, but it'sreally violating. I don't know what he's seen, i don't know where he's been in my house.”

Neighbors say there have been other recent burglaries in the area, so they’re taking extra precautions.

“My neighbor right here was robbed,” says Brandon Lum, who lives in nearby apartment complex. “I’m now stressing to my roommate to keep the windows locked.”

Lum says he’s going to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious in the neighborhood. He and Medley are hoping someone will recognize the thief before he can strike again.

“Burien isn't downtown Seattle,” says Lum. “He's bound to come around here sometime.”

“Everyone in my neighborhood knows about it. As soon as I can, I’m setting up a block watch,” says  Medley. “He needs to be found, needs to be arrested, and needs to be off the street. And I’m doing everything I can to get this guy caught.”

If you think you recognize the man in the picture, you’re asked to call Burien police.