Thief in Tacoma steals man's van packed with all of his belongings

TACOMA -- Jason Lockwood recently moved from Utah in hopes of starting a new life in Washington.

“Because of all the great things you hear about the great Northwest,” Lockwood said Tuesday.

But even before he could settle in, a thief stole Lockwood's van.

“Heartbreak, panic, I was hoping it was towed,” Lockwood said.

Everything Lockwood owned was inside the van.

“Photos of my daughter, photos of my dog, my friends, our journey to Tacoma,” Lockwood said.

He says the thief stole the van Friday evening from a busy parking lot at Tacoma Mall.

Before his move to Tacoma, he spent thousands of dollars transforming the van.

“We built in custom cabinets and put a sink in, we built a bed, we put wood flooring in the van,” Lockwood said.

A retrofitted van they planned to use to explore the Pacific Northwest.

“We love the outdoors we were excited to explore the area,” Lockwood said.

Tacoma police say no one has spotted the stolen van yet.

“Just hope someone will see the van and call it in,” Lockwood said.

The van has a blue stripe across the gas tank door and a black mark on the front.

“It’s got a six-inch lift on it, four-wheel drive,” Lockwood said.

Unique details that could help someone recognize it, until then Lockwood is left without much.

“Some co-workers have been giving me rides, that’s about it,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood says the van still has Utah plates. The license plate number is X279XY. If you see the van, call Tacoma police.