Thieves steal Lynnwood woman's packages, including special gift from her 3-year-old son

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- A Lynnwood woman wants justice, after someone stole several packages from her front door, including a special gift from her 3-year-old son.

Lynnwood resident Julie Moe says three packages were stolen on February 8th.  It included a gift for her son and a gift card.  She immediately contacted the Post Office who launched an investigation.

Investigators found that the gift card was used just two days after the theft at a Target in Woodinville.  Security footage from the store showed a man and a woman using the card.  They haven't been identified yet.

Julie says she is nervous to have anything delivered to her house and worries the thieves might return and try to break into her home.

Julie plans to get a locked mail box and might have packages delivered straight to the facility or to a friend that is home.