Thieves steal minivan before Christmas presents can be unpacked

MARYSVILLE, Wash. – Thieves stole a single mother’s minivan after Black Friday shopping and before the Christmas presents could be taken inside. The theft has also left the Marysville family of five without a mode of transportation.

“I have to drive him there and pick him up, and I don’t know how I am going to do that on Monday,” said Sharon McGregor, talking about her oldest. McGregor has four children, all under the age of 10. The single mom said this Christmas was about needs.

“That’s what our Christmas is, is what do you need,” said McGregor. “You can tell us what you would like, and I would try to do that, but it is socks. It’s what you need.”

She went out on Black Friday making sure she was getting the best deals on sweaters, pajamas, and socks. When she came back home, she knew the children would be parked in the living room watching TV.

To save the surprise, she locked the gifts in the car and woke up the next morning to an empty parking space.

“My car is gone, our car seats are in there, our presents are in there,” she said. “I have been saving every penny, just putting it aside, like ‘ok’ and knowing what my kids really want, having that goal and saving it.”

Retired detective Myrle Carner said it comes with the holidays. Thieves are making their lists and checking your car twice.

“Everything you spend your money on can be gone in seconds,” he said. “They’re going to shopping malls and looking into cars to see what they can steal.”

Myrle said thieves are getting bold, even marking their victims while they shop. “These people are even following people from the shopping mall to the residence, and they are seeing where the car is parked, they know you’ve put stuff in there,” he said.

Myrle suggests everyone should be parking as close to the mall as possible, keeping your car in well-lit and heavily trafficked areas. Do the basics, he said, like locking doors and taking valuables keeps you safe. When it comes to Christmas shopping, he said, make many trips.

“You’re better off to go home, unload your stuff and then go out and do your second shopping,” he said.

McGregor said all she wants for Christmas is to get her minivan back. It’s not about the presents, she said. It’s about what they need.

“I will take it back in any condition I just need it to run. It would be nice if the car seats are still in there.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up in McGregor's name. The goal is $2,000. Click here to donate.

The Honda Odyssey minivan is grey with WA license plate #BAW8719. If you see it, you are urged to call the police.

Below are photos of the stolen minivan.