This man's description of a bee attack in Kentucky is priceless

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. - A car hit a utility pole in Kentucky, angering a swarm of bees and setting off an attack.

A local man who'd just finished feeding his chickens was on the way back to the house to fetch his phone so he could play a video game, and thus was on hand to provide a very entertaining first-hand account.

"The guy come out screamin' and squallin', and a runnin' around, 'bout like a chicken with his head cut off," Gary Lee Anderson told WKYT.

Anderson rushed to his house and grabbed a hose, to try to spray off the bees.

"I told him he needed to get out of that water, but see, I didn't know he was getting (eaten up) by bees," Anderson said. "I thought he was just high."

Deputies told WKYT the couple in the car were under the influence of methamphetamine, and had driven down the road looking for a place to swim.  The driver was charged with DUI, and the passenger was charged with public intoxication.