Thousands of Seattle students join worldwide movement against climate change

SEATTLE -- People in Seattle joined a worldwide movement in what could be the biggest climate change protest in history. On Friday, thousands of students marched the streets of downtown for the Global Climate Strike.

Students filled Cal Anderson Park before marching to Seattle City Hall. The young and young at heart came together to raise their voice against climate change. Some students said the power of the youth voice against climate change should not be underestimated.

“We have to show them what we’re scared of,” said student Elke Thursten.

“It will impact our future more than anybody else’s. We’re the ones that are going to have to grow up on whatever planet we leave now,” said student Zoe Kackman.

Seattle joined cities across the nation and more than 150 countries for the global movement. Kids marched to the steps of city hall after they walked out of class unexcused.

“I’m mad. I’m not missing class to have a good time. I want to make a change,” said student Molly Weston

“Who cares what we learn if we’re not going to be able to use that knowledge as a career? You want us to study the planet, but you’re not going to help us save the planet,” said Thursten.

Thousands of adults marched side by side with students as well. Many of them said they did the same years ago.

“In 1970 this flag was created for the very first Earth Day. I was there,’ said Al Hirsch while waving an Earth Day flag. “50 years later, we’re still yelling and screaming.”

Adults said they were encouraged by the students’ passion and their efforts to protect the future of the planet.

“They’re going to scream loud enough. People are going to listen to them. Their parents are going to listen to them. Business has to listen at some point, in time to say 'Let’s fix this,'” said Hirsch.

“It motivates us even more to keep going because we see how many other people believe in it as well,” said student Anna Luders.

The marches and rallies in Seattle and across the world were all organized by young people. Officers with Seattle Police Department were also present to ensure the movement went as smoothly and safely as possible.