Thurston County Superior Court warns residents of jury duty scam

Thurston County Superior Court (TCSC) is warning the public about a scam, where a caller threatens a victim into believing they are facing penalties for not reporting for jury duty. 

According to a release from TCSC’s public information supervisor, a phone scammer impersonating the court is calling residents, telling them they will have to pay a fine or face arrest for allegedly not reporting for jury duty. 

Authorities say the court will never ask for money if someone fails to report to jury or fail to communicate with the court about a juror summons. The court will never require a juror to meet with a judge, or any other official, about a juror summons or jury service.

According to TCSC, the court only initiates communication with potential jurors via summons. A law enforcement representative will never communicate with a juror on behalf of the court. 


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Anyone who has questions regarding TCSC jury service is asked to call 360-754-4107.

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