Tim Eyman’s anti-tax Initiative 1366 may have won in the election, but now faces legal challenges

SEATTLE -- Tim Eyman won another big anti-tax victory during these week’s election.  But a legal challenge from opponents has already begun.  They claim that Initiative 1366 violates the state’s Constitution.

Do they have a case?  Well, see what you think.  But let’s start by reviewing what the people passed on Tuesday.

Here are the basic elements of I-1366:

    Now that seems like it should be OK, to put some fire under legislators to reinstate the supermajority requirement that use to exist.  But here is the potential problem:

      So, what do you think? Does citizen Initiative 1366 change the Constitution or just give legislators a choice?

      Opponents argue that citizens threatening lawmakers into passing a constitutional amendment is the same thing as citizens passing a constitutional amendment.  Eyman says no way. The Legislature doesn’t have to do anything.  They can just live with a lower sales tax, although that would cost the state a lot of revenue.

      A court will have the final say in the next few months.