Too cute! New Woodland Park Zoo lion cubs hit the outdoors for the first time (VIDEO)

SEATTLE -- Good weather gave some of the Woodland Park Zoo's newest residents a chance to stretch their legs for the first time outdoors.

The zoo's 2-and-a-half-month -old lion cub triplets took their first stroll outdoors yesterday, accompanied by their 5-year-old mother and 7-year-old father.

Their outdoor adventure lasted an hour. The above video shows some of the highlights.

Until yesterday, the cubs had been living exclusively in an off-view maternity den where they can bond and grow in quiet surroundings, zoo staff said.

"Going outdoors is another important milestone for the cubs," said Martin Ramierz, Woodland Park Zoo's mammal curator. "They kept Adia (the mother) on her toes as they pounced, stalked, played and explored the outdoor elements for the first time.”

The zoo plans to announce a public naming for the nameless cubs next week.