Top 10 excuses to get out of a traffic ticket

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Many drivers plead ignorance when trying to get out of a traffic ticket.

That’s according to a new Ticketmasters survey conducted by

The survey questioned 500 drivers older than 18 as to what they say to avoid a ticket after they're pulled over. The most popular excuse drivers told police to avoid a ticket was they “Couldn’t see the sign telling me not to do it."  Blaming others was also a well-used tactic drivers use to avoid fines.

The findings were also broken down by gender, with more men claiming “they were helping out; they weren’t supposed to be driving themselves.” Women’s top excuses were being lost or having to use the bathroom, the study found.

The study didn’t list the success rates of the excuses. However, said a driver’s rates will likely increase if they get a ticket.

Below is a look at the top ten excuses and how often they're used:

1.  “I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it.” (20.4%)

2. “I'm lost and unfamiliar with the roads.” (15.6%)

3. “I didn't know it was broken.” (12.4%)

4. “Everyone else was doing it.” (6.4%)

5. “I'm having an emergency situation in my car.” For instance, the driver spilled a hot drink on their lap. (5.4%)

6. “I missed my turn/exit.” (4.8%)

7. “I had to go to the bathroom.” (4.6%)

8. “I didn't do anything dangerous.” (4.2 %)

9. “I was on my way to an emergency.” (4%)

10.  “My GPS said it was the right thing to do.” (2.2%)