Top 5 most interesting things about Sasquatch! Day 1 (PHOTOS)

GEORGE, Wash. -- It doesn’t take long to figure the whole Sasquatch! thing isn’t very Q13FOX News.

We spend our days chasing fires, our nights covering council meetings and time in between  -- there’s never MUCH time -- building investigative pieces. When we branch away from hard news, it’s for a lifestyle piece. How your kid’s kindergarten class incorporates technology to teach math. What’s opening this week at the Seattle Repertoire Theater.

No, the massive crowd blitzed with weed smoke and flower face paint is not our scene. Unless Steve Kiggins is doing a piece on how one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere music festivals is costing the tiny town of Quincy money in ER visits.

But Photographer Walker Anderson and I apply for press passes every year, anyway. We know people don’t come to Q13FOX News for our comprehensive music analysis or our stunning concert-goer photography -- of which Walker has a lot. But it’s important to break away from the fires and council meetings for us, for our sanity’s sake.

So sit back, casual reader. Look at Walker’s pretty photos. Read my not-so in-depth Top Five first Day Sasquatch! thoughts.

Enjoy your Saturday. Just like I’m sure to do.


5. From Woodstock to Sasquatch, festival parking remains the same – Remember people ditched their cars at Woodstock ’69 so they could catch Santana’s ripping set? I understand why. It took us three hours to travel from Seattle to The Gorge Amphitheater, and three hours to travel from the parking lot to our campsite. Finally here we are here, Lot A section N.

4. The walk from the campsite to the amphitheater is like the final days of Sodom and Gomorrah – It’s a slow quarter-mile march from the campsite to the festival grounds. People scream with joy, toss beer cans in the air, and pass the joints whichever side they please. Keep your eyes low when you pass a large, happy group. They’re wont to bring you in on a hug.

3. YELLE is from France – The surprise show of the evening was Yelle. In what I have dubbed the EDM tent – officially known as the El Chupacabra stage -- Yelle cranked up her cute French accent and had nearly 10,000 people dancing their cares away. A smooth mix of dance music and nouveau lyrics.

2. OUTKAST has more hits than you can ever imagine – From Bombs Over Bagdad to Hey Ya!, we’ve been hearing Outkast on the radio for 15-plus years. It’s banger after  notable banger of music. And at 40-something years old,Big Boi and Andre 3000 continue to put on an amazing set.

1. The Best part about festivals is and always will be the people watching – Remember that Seinfeld episode where the candy baron Sue Ellen Mischke doesn’t wear a bra and Kramer and George crash the car because they gawk at her? Kramer would be out of his mind at Sasquatch!. Skin skin skin. Costumes costumes costumes. Guy tripping on mushrooms in a Taco outfit? Yep. Two referees throwing flags whenever they see something egregious in the crowd? Love it. Find a seat on the grass and enjoy the show. And maybe watch some music.

We’ll have more top 5 tomorrow with another set of pretty photos. Until then, enjoy Walker’s photos.

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