Top 5 WORST foods to eat while driving

SEATTLE -- Last week, police issued a new kind of warning against distracted driving while eating. They don't forbid it, but warned that eating food can take your attention of the road.

So we thought hard about the WORST foods to eat while on the road. And we asked you too.

Below is a list of the Top 5 worst foods to eat while driving:

5. Spaghetti

4. Chinese Food. Or basically anything with noodles or chopsticks

3. Sandwich. Think Subway. The lettuce would be everywhere.

2. Soup. We were kind of astounded soup wasn't number 1.

1. Tacos. Hard-shell tacos shooting food everywhere. Definitely pretty tough.

Also making the list were salad, ice cream sundaes, cereal, ribs and fondue.

What's missing from the list? Let us know.