'Total disaster!' Nike Factory store trashed by Black Friday shoppers

TULALIP, Wash. -- A Washington resident is appalled by what he saw inside a Nike Factory store on Black Friday prompting him to post a video of the chaos.

Larry Downer said he went to the store, inside the Seattle Premium Outlets about 8:15 p.m. to buy a pair of shoes for his son. At that time, the Nike store had been open for about 15 hours.

Downer told Q13 News the store looked "like an earthquake leveled the place."

Video taken by Downer shows shoeboxes scattered all over the store, and several people walking across and knocking down merchandise.

"It's a huge store and it seems like every inch of the floor was covered in merchandise," Downer said. "I saw people just tossing stuff around and showing disregard for the store merchandise."

Downer said he did get a pair of shoes for his son before leaving. "Literally found one of the shoes in one aisle and the match to it in the next aisle."

Downer said the staff looked overwhelmed and tired.

The Nike Factory store closed at midnight on Black Friday and reopened at 5 a.m. Saturday.