Troopers enforcing new law, cracking down on marijuana in cars

BREMERTON -- The Washington State Patrol is cracking down on pot, now that it's officially illegal to have an open container of marijuana in your car.

State troopers say they see the infraction more and more.

The new law treats pot like alcohol. 'Open' containers in this case, means the original package you bought the weed in has been opened - even if you've sealed it back up.

“The tricky part is there is no state standard for what is a seal. And what's not the seal,” WSP Trooper Daniel Hagadone explained.

That's why some troopers say the law can be hard to enforce. Weed comes in a variety of packages these days.

“The law has a lot of gray area right now in order for people to understand it and to abide by it I think it needs to have a little more clarity to it which it will in time,” Trooper Hagadone added.

Local troopers say they're seeing the infractions, but working with drivers on understanding the law.

If you are hauling an open container of weed - it has to be in the trunk.

The new law carries a $136 dollar fine.