Two Everett fires being investigated as arson

EVERETT, Wash. – Two fires early Sunday near downtown Everett are being looked at as arson, with both fire and police involved in the investigation.

The first fire was called in around 4:15 a.m. on the alley side of a building on the 2700 block of Rockefeller Avenue. Firefighters arrived to find the back of a truck on fire, with the flames spreading to the building next to where the truck was parked.

Everett Fire spokesperson Eric Hicks said that the fire had spread to the exterior of the building, setting off the sprinkler system inside. Crews also opened up the roof to make sure the fire hadn’t spread to the attic area.

While that fire was happening, a second fire call came in. That report was on a dumpster fire on the 2700 block of Fulton Street, eight blocks east of the first fire. Crews not at the Rockefeller fire responded to that one, and quickly put the fire out.

Hicks said that it took around 20 minutes to control the Rockefeller fire. While there is significant damage to the truck and the exterior of the building, Hicks said that the fire did not spread inside.

The timing of the two fires, and where they started, has investigators believing they are connected. Hicks said that Everett Police have joined EFD investigators in determining the cause, and they are treating the.

There were no injuries in either fire.