Two sisters who were in SUV allege 'pedestrian rage' near Northgate mall

SEATTLE -- Michelle and Jennifer Ramirez call it a pedestrian hit-and-run.

It happened early Wednesday morning at the corner of Northgate Way and 1st Avenue Northeast.

"We saw a pedestrian. They weren't at the crosswalk yet, so we decided, we made eye contact with the woman and she slowed down, we were going to go. After we crossed, we were already over the crosswalk, all of a sudden we hear a loud thud and a loud bang,” Michelle Ramirez said.

They pulled over to check their SUV for damage and they found a $1,300 dent on the right rear fender.

"It was crazy because I didn't expect somebody to hit my car after we passed over the crosswalk,” Michelle said.

They went back to the man and woman to get insurance information and they say the situation got worse.

"The guy ran toward our car and started banging, hitting our windshield super hard and I thought it would break. I felt so much fear inside my own vehicle,” Michelle said.

"The lady had to go to her husband or friend, I don't know how they were related, had to pull him back and it took her a few times but that's how angry he was. The fact that he attacked us in our own vehicle, started pounding on our windshield and the window, we were scared. That's when we called the cops,” Jennifer said.

While they waited for police, the couple walked away and got on a bus at the nearby transit center.

The Ramirez sisters hope someone will recognize the couple and call police so they won't have to pay for the damage to their vehicle.

"I've never feared being in the car and someone else attacking us,” Michelle said.