Two thumbs up? Puyallup police release their Lip Sync Challenge video

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- The Puyallup Police Department released its Lip Sync Challenge Monday -- a nearly 10-minute video that  includes some of the city's firefighters, citizens, an alleged criminal and even a K-9 officer barking to the tune, "Who Let the Dogs Out."

The police news website, has ranked Seattle number 1 out of 15 police lip sync videos.  (The Portland Police Department didn't make the list. See their video.)

San Francisco's police department ranked second followed by Southlake, Texas in third.

Norfolk Police who challenged Seattle landed 10th on the list.

Over the past few months, law-enforcement agencies across the country have been posting videos of officers lip-syncing and challenging other departments to do the same. The challenge videos have gone viral on social media.