Two tractor-trailers collide on eastbound Highway 18 at Auburn Way South; 1 driver injured

AUBURN -- Two tractor-trailers collided Tuesday night on eastbound Highway 18, with one rolling over on its side on the off-ramp to Auburn Way South, authorities said.

One driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the Valley Regional Fire Authority said.

The two trucks were both traveling eastbound when they hit each other side to side. One truck rolled over onto its side on the off-ramp to Auburn Way South, and the other wrecked on the on-ramp to Highway 18 from Auburn Way South.

Both trucks had loaded trailers, the fire authority said. One was carrying potting soil and the other was carrying perishable items.

The Department of Transportation and the Department of Ecology were requested at the scene due to the spilling of fuel and oil from both vehicles, the fire authority said.