Vandals topple over 80 headstones at Sumner City Cemetery

Vandals hit the Sumner City Cemetery overnight.

SUMNER- Over 80 antique headstones were toppled and vandalized overnight at the Sumner City Cemetery.

Cemetery staff discovered the damage when they arrived to work this morning.

Most of the granite headstones were pushed over, while some were moved to other areas of the cemetery.

Parks and cemetery crews are working to restore the headstones as quickly as possible.

"Some of these headstones are so old," said Sumner City spokesperson Carmen Palmer. "They will be difficult to replace."

The cemetery experienced a similar vandalism in 2005.

"I understand that this is an ongoing challenge with any cemetery, but it's truly disheartening to think that anyone could do this to the memory of so many people and to their families," said According to Sumner Police chief Brad Moericke.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sumner Police tip line at 253.299.5678.