Video allegedly shows deputies hitting Iraq War veteran who was 38-weeks pregnant

WARNING: This video contains content some may find disturbing

DALLAS -- A Texas county sheriff's department is investigating a video that appears to show sheriff's deputies punching a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant.

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Deanna Robinson of Hunt County said sheriff's deputies and Child Protective Service workers showed up to her parents' home to take away her 18-month-old son because neglect allegations surfaced after an older sibling reported a fight at the home.

Robinson stepped in front of deputies when they arrived, she told the news station, but was quickly cornered into the kitchen and punched.

"I stepped in front of my son and put my hands up and began screaming," she told NBC Dallas- Fort Worth. "I didn't assault law enforcement. I was handcuffed almost immediately."

The video allegedly shows two police officers pushing Robinson into a corner. One officer appears to repeatedly hit her with his fist. Robinson said she was hit three times.

Following the incident, Robinson was arrested and spent six days in jail under the charge of resisting arrest, interfering with child custody and assaulting an officer. Her child, Levi, was born six days after she was freed from jail.

Robinson, and Iraq War veteran, has hired an attorney. She has not disclosed whether or not she will file a lawsuit.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks declined to comment, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

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